Adnan Sami Weight Loss?

Being obese or overweight is extremely difficult to deal with. Today, our society is considered a “fat society” because of the poor choices people make with their eating habits. In addition to the extra weight you are carrying, you also need to carry thicker skin to handle the negative remarks tossed at you by others. Imagine being morbidly obese weighing in at over 500 pounds and in the spotlight….negative remarks flood you and the issues you have struggled with in regards to your weight are now in the open for everyone all over the world to see. Adnan Sami is the perfect example of this situation. The Adnan Sami weight loss story was broadcast and obsessed about all over the world.

Adnan Sami is a singer, composer, and child prodigy. His musical ability and voice had Bollywood thirsting for more. With several major hits under his belt, it wasn’t his musical talent that got him a lot of media attention; it was his weight. When Adnan re-emerged as a slimmer, healthier musical icon losing more than 200 pounds, people across the world wanted to know his secret and just how he managed to pull it off in only one year. For years Adnan was dealing with personal crises and he chose to eat unhealthy foods for comfort leading to depression which then led him to eat more resulting in an enormous amount of weight gain topping off at over 500 pounds.

Adnan Sami Weight Loss

Adnan Sami Weight Loss

Adnan Sami’s wakeup call was at a doctor’s visit where the doctor said, “Mr. Sami if you continue like this I would not be surprised if your family found you dead in a hotel room six months from now.”

Rumors of Adnan Sami weight loss surgery? Adnan says, “NO!”.

Rumors of Adnan Sami liposuction? Adnan says, “NO!”.

Then what is the Adnan Sami weight loss secret? “Healthy eating, exercise and a truck load of determination!” “I had to make lifestyle changes and stick to them for the rest of my life.”

“My journey from fat to fit is remarkable. My life has changed a lot. …And, moreover my standard of living has changed, my attitude towards life has changed. I am leading a very healthy life and health is indeed wealth.” Adnan

The Adnan Sami weight loss program consisted of his taking three months off work to focus on his weight loss. He moved to Houston and started seeing a nutritionist who examined his food and the relationship he has with food. Because he was so heavy he was unable to exercise. As part of his weight loss program, he dieted for two months including some light walking into his routine. After losing approximately 90 pounds, he was able to walk on a treadmill and do some of the exercises that he needed to do in order to lose weight. He noticed small changes in his body such as being able to finally sleep lying down, being able to get up on his own, and realizing that he was beginning to feel better physically and mentally.

His nutritionist advised him to stay away from rice, sugar, bread, and oil. After realizing that he could maintain this diet he moved back to his home in Mumbai and continued this diet there. His mood went from negative to positive and he was able to brush off rude comments or confused stares when he went in public.

While Adnan is now at his best state of mind and lowest weight, people around the globe have been fascinated by his story. At last check Adnan had lost 342 lb.

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