Green Tea Diet?

Is A Green Tea Diet Effective?

Many people have considered a green tea diet when they would like to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  The benefits of green tea have emerged in the mainstream consciousness over the past few years, so many are beginning to wonder if it really is an effective method for weight loss.  Not only is it important to know the benefits of a green tea diet, but it is also important to know the potential risks of using green tea as a weight loss supplement.

Why Green Tea?

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One of the first things to consider is why so many people are looking to use green tea as part of their weight loss regimens.  The first benefit many people find with green tea is that it is known to boost metabolism.  In January 2005, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published findings that showed those who drank a bottle of tea with green tea extract rather than oolong tea burned more body fat over the course of three months.

There are also other benefits to incorporating green tea into a diet.  Green tea is also a great way to detoxify the body as it helps remove waste from the body.  Not only does this help keep the circulation system working properly, but it also helps the immune system stay intact as well.  Those who have problems with high cholesterol can regulate their cholesterol levels in addition to making the body break down fat more quickly.  The amount of caffeine is also less than a cup of coffee, but it still burns calories quickly.

Green Tea Diet

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What Are the Risks?

There can also be risks to a green tea diet as well.  For instance, many companies offer green tea supplements, but these supplements tend to be little more than laxatives that do not offer the full benefits of real green tea or green tea extract.  These supplements can actually cause a few irritations including diarrhea, cramping and upset stomach.  Those who drink the real thing have a better chance at sidestepping these effects, but green tea is a diuretic as well.

How Can Green Tea Be Used?

When following a green tea diet, it is just as important to know how and when to use green tea as a dietary aide.  For instance, green tea in the morning and three times before each meal increases it effectiveness.  The tea helps the body burn more of the fat that comes with consuming food and also reduces cravings for food in the first place.

When using green tea as an aide, it is best to drink at least four glasses a day.  The most that should be consumed is ten glasses a day.  Not only does this boost metabolism, but it also provides the body with immunity protection and increased longevity.  With all these benefits, it seems clear that green tea can help with weight loss.  However, it is also clear that there can be some risks that need to be heeded before incorporating green tea into a diet.

Green Tea Weight Loss Pills?

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