Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss?

Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of the well known musician Ozzy Osbourne and has been in the spot light since their family decided to make a reality TV show. In fact Kelly is now one of the four hosts on a hit show called the “Fashion Police.” When Kelly first made her television debuted she was overweight, but is now on her way to being the healthiest she has ever been.

Kelly started her weight loss program in 2009 and has since dropped 70 pounds. The “Fashion Police” host has told tabloids and reporters that it is “hard to maintain”, but her best piece of advice was “you have to commit to a life change.” She has also indicated that she is not done losing weight and hopes to lose more.

The Kelly Osbourne weight loss story is one that many people have followed. Kelly herself even pokes fun at the situation by calling herself the “former fat person.” One of the best qualities Kelly seems to have is her great sense of humor. This has allowed her to be open and honest with all those looking to ask her how she has dropped the weight and been able to maintain her beautiful figure.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss

When asked about her weight loss and how she managed to lose 70 pounds, she continuously tells people that it was simply a life change. For Kelly Osbourne weigh loss happened gradually because she learned how to eat right to ensure she stayed healthy and lost the excessive weight.

When Kelly discusses her weight loss with journalists and tabloids she clearly indicates that she is not on a diet. She feels that diets are short lived and once people decide to stop dieting they gain the weight right back. She has simply done all the work through moderation. Kelly also makes it clear that this was hard for her. Kelly said that she had a hard time when there was temptation right in front her, but she had to fight the urge.

When it comes to cheating on her new life style Kelly states that she does it all of the time. She even stated that she does not feel guilty about it either. Kelly has found eating her fattiest meal in the morning has worked for her. She states that if she is going to cheat she is going to do it in the morning so she has the rest of the day to burn it off.

Kelly thanks her Dancing With The Stars partner, Louis van Amstel for teaching her how to eat and getting her into the gym.

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