Laxatives For Weight Loss?

The Dangers Of Using Laxatives For Weight Loss

Many people are going on extreme diets in order to lose weight and keep up with the image that society perceives beauty to be. Some people have chosen to use laxatives for weight loss as a quick solution. The sad thing is the fact that most people are not aware of the dangers of laxative abuse.

Taking laxatives to lose weight might seem to be a simple weight loss solution but the regular use of laxatives is harmful to the body. Using laxatives for weight loss leads to problems such as dehydration and lack of nutrients in the body. People who use laxatives become dependent on it over time. It is also possible for one to suffer damage in the internal organs after taking laxatives for some time. Chronic use of laxatives also increases the chances of developing cancer of the colon.

When one becomes dehydrated after using laxatives to lose weight, they will lose electrolytes that are needed in the body. Electrolytes are useful salts that play a vital role in making sure that the brain, nerves and muscles function normally. Loss of electrolytes and dehydration are very serious and in severe cases, there are some deadly consequences. When one suffers from electrolyte loss and dehydration, they become very weak, faint or feel dizzy and have a blurred vision. In very serious cases, one will suffer from seizures, kidney damage or even die.

Most people think that when they take laxatives, they are going to get rid of the food that they have eaten. The truth is that when one takes laxatives for weight loss, they are going to be losing water, minerals and electrolytes that are essential for good health. Laxatives also get rid of wastes from the colon and fiber which were not able to be digested. Taking into consideration the fact that use of laxatives can be harmful to the body, many people do not find the chance to lose just a small amount of water to be worth the risk.

When one uses laxatives for a very long time, it is hard to stop and eventually you become dependent on it. By using it over a period of time, the body will get used to their effects. Muscles and other processes that are essential in the elimination of wastes from the body will then not work as they should. The body might come to want laxatives so as to produce bowel movement regularly. It is a fact that one will then need to have a larger dose of laxatives.

It is essential that when one needs a laxative, they see the doctor first and avoid over the counter drugs. Your doctor is going to inform you of the right way to take laxatives so as to avoid all the above discussed side effects. Laxatives are not meant to be used for a long period of time. There are different types of laxatives and each type has different recommendation for use. It is advised to take at least eight glasses of water daily when taking laxatives.

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