Liquid Diet Weight Loss?

Going on a liquid diet for weight loss may sound like an easy and quick way to lose weight for those of you who have struggled to lose the pounds.  But before you start that liquid diet weight loss program, there are some things you need to consider.

First, liquid diets work to reduce your caloric intake.  People who have trouble controlling their portions at meals or who overeat may find that being able to have something for their cravings, even if it is only a drink, is the best plan for them.  But just because you are overweight does not mean that you overeat.

In fact, taking in too few calories every day can cause your metabolism to slow down so that you store more fat.  You need a certain amount of food for your body to process energy correctly.  If you eat too little, your body will find ways to retain enough energy for your body to function and that means storing more fat in order to replace the nutrients that you have stopped feeding your body.

For any diet, an adult should at minimum intake 1,200 calories per day.  The goal should not be to take in as few calories as possible.  The goal is to burn more calories than you take in.  Therefore, whether you choose a liquid diet or any other kind of diet, exercise has got to be a big part of your weight loss plan.  Not only will it help you to burn calories, increasing your heart rate enough to break a sweat daily will also provide a boost to your metabolism that will help you burn off more fat.

For these reasons, before you start a liquid diet weight loss plan, you really should discuss it with your doctor first, especially if you have any kind of medical condition that could be effected by a dramatic change in your diet.  For example, diabetics should probably not try a liquid diet as an unsafe drop in caloric intake can have serious health consequences.

The healthiest liquid diet weight loss plans allow you to eat at least one solid meal a day.  Those plans may be worth looking into as long as the liquid part of your diet takes care to include critical daily nutrients that your body needs.  Whatever plan you choose, the goal is to lose weight steadily, not rapidly.

If you are considering liquid diet weight loss, I would recommend smoothies.

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