Weight Loss After Pregnancy?

Weight loss after pregnancy is an attainable goal for all women as long as it is approached in a realistic and holistic manner.  A lot of women are faced with what seems to be a dramatic and insurmountable weight gain during the course of their pregnancy.  It is important to bear in mind that this was a natural, gradual, and necessary change, crucial to the nourishment and well-being of the growing child.  Postpartum weight loss occurs just as gradually as the gain, and is also as natural a process.

A new mother requires a higher caloric intake.  Her diet needs to be nutritious and well-balanced, incorporating all of the major food groups wherever possible.  Healthy fats are as important as vegetables, fruits, and protein and should remain on the menu in moderation. Quick, healthy snacks such as fruits and nuts help keep a woman’s energy levels high as well.   The importance of eating regular, well-balanced meals for a new mother cannot be stressed enough.  This is especially true for breastfeeding mothers.  Breastfeeding in itself is a natural method of postpartum weight loss.  Crash diets aimed at radical weight loss after pregnancy are detrimental to a new mother’s health and should be avoided at all costs.

Most women researching how to lose weight after pregnancy run into scads of articles promoting extreme exercise routines and fad diets.  These regimens are unrealistic for the average woman who cannot spend five hours a day at the gym with a personal trainer.  They are also incredibly unhealthy for postpartum women.  A gentler exercise routine gives the best and most lasting results without subjecting a postpartum woman to harsh and brutal fitness plans that do not take into account the permanent changes pregnancy leaves in her body.  Daily, regular exercise is the best approach, with a focus on exercises such as light yoga, low level aerobics, and most importantly, walking.  There is no better and more enjoyable way to attain weight loss after pregnancy than to take your baby for a walk.  Apart from the exercise, it is incredibly rewarding to watch your infant open up to the world around them as you explore your neighborhood together.

A woman’s body might never be exactly the same as it was pre-pregnancy. However, with patience and a sensible attitude, it is possible to regain a healthy body and a beautiful, feminine shape.

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