Weight Loss Tea?

The Benefits of Weight Loss Tea

All the requirements for weight loss including getting exercise and eating right are daunting for the busy dieter. Work and family responsibilities combined leave little time for meal planning or the energy for motivation to exercise much less scheduled workouts. Weight loss tea isn’t necessarily a magic bullet that will transport a dieter to their desired weight immediately, but it does quickly help in dropping the pounds and inches. The success dieters have with teas that promote weight loss comes from the properties of the tea and its natural effect on the body.

Several different types of tea that promote weight loss work in a variety of ways to promote weight loss by speeding the body’s ability to burn fat, boosting energy levels, and reducing bloating. For anyone stuck in the cycle of exhaustion, over eating, and a lack of motivation weight loss tea is the jump start needed to trying a new way of living.

Weight Loss Tea

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Unlike many recent fads diet tea such as green tea isn’t a recent invention. Used for centuries to promote health this tea gently speeds the metabolism. For those who have been eating a poor diet heavy in sugar and fat green tea aids in lowering Triglyceride levels in the body.  As excess triglycerides are usually transformed into fat the green tea’s natural polyphenois activate a certain enzyme in the body that dissolves rather than stores excess triglycerides before it’s stored as fat.

Teas that trigger weight loss such as a green tea or Pu-erh contain a number of potent antioxidants. Antioxidants benefit the body in a number of ways, many of them toward better metabolism. In Pu-erh these suppress fatty acid synthase, which in turn suppress weight gain, levels of triacylglycerol, and total cholesterol. Unlike some over the counter weight loss aids, teas that truly benefit dieters work with the body naturally, and without harm.

Another important part of such teas is a little bit of caffeine. Along with the energy of a better functioning metabolism caffeine offers an extra boost. Energy to move and work the body supports weight loss.

These teas were popular and considered healthy long before science explained how they are so successful. The properties of teas that promote weight loss benefit the dieter’s body by making use of food for fuel more effective. The better the body feels the easier it is to make healthy changes toward a better, more active lifestyle.

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