Weight Loss Workout Plan?

What Makes A Good Weight Loss Workout Plan?

Motivation for the dieter is the one factor that can keep momentum to continue losing weight going no matter how tough the goal.  In keeping up momentum, finding the right workout plan can help to not only shed pounds and lose inches, but also in increasing muscle tone, and stamina at the same time. Plenty of exercises will burn calories, but a good weight loss work plan is also interesting, and challenging enough to defy boredom.

One easy and relatively inexpensive workout that many try to take off a few pounds is running. If challenges are added, and the runner tries new routes complacency doesn’t become a problem. Most runners are surprised to find out running isn’t the biggest calorie burner however, and running 5 mph for an hour will burn only 606 calories for must runners. Aerobic enthusiasts are also surprised to find an hour in the studio burns 533. The stair treadmill is a more impressive 657 calories burned in hour, but this isn’t the best a dieter can accomplish with a weight loss workout plan. Rope jumping is the uprising winner of the most calories burned per hour at 861.

Before making a run to the sporting goods store for a pro jumping rope however the point to consider is how long anyone can spend an hour a day experiencing the monotonous motion involved in this exercise. This is one of the pitfalls of seeing an exercise only as a fat burner for weight loss, and not as a fun activity someone can enjoy doing every other day or even every day. Slimming down is only a portion of what’s accomplished with a good workout. Most who stick with programs over the long term, and then move on to work outs to maintain a healthy body have a sense of accomplishment, and consider exercise a positive experience.

Martial Arts can be an excellent choice for a weight loss workout plan. Kickboxing, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, MMA and many other martial arts can burn over 800 calories per hour.

A good program will incorporate several different exercises and equipment into a daily workout for taking off weight. High fat burners such as jumping rope are mixed with the fun of aerobatics, and exercises for toning. This keeps the body moving and the mind engaged so stress injuries caused by repetitive motion are reduced as is motivation killing boredom. Finding the right level of starting endurance also reduces risk of injury.  The best programs are physically challenging, but should offer levels for beginners and advanced students.

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